An adventure from city to city, let's explore the unfamiliar world. Let our imagination soar high enough to create a story for you.

From a line to a square; it's a journey. Line 2 Square is a design based company. We are  sophisticated experience in design industries over a decade. We work as a  design consultancy and development with a broad range of categories, from visual communication , product , fashion to spatial and architectural design.

Our mission is to design for you. Motivated by surrounding, creativity and flexibility is our method to get the project goals realized. We place great emphasis on market demands and integrate people's needs. We have superb and massive suppliers to support our design.


城市與城市之間就像無形的線,將人們拉聚進來,就像紐約的Time Square 、倫敦的Trafalgar Square一樣;這是一個旅程。(每個城市廣場像似文化大熔爐般,人們從不同城市來聚集交流,展現自我)。 Line 2 Square是以設計為本質的公司。團隊成員擁有十多年的設計產業經驗,從視覺傳達、產品、時尚到空間建築設計等。