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An adventure from city to city, let's explore the unfamiliar world.Let our imagination soar high enough to create a story for you.

From a line to a square; it's a journey. Line 2 Square is a design based company. We are  sophisticated experience in design industries over a decade. We work as a  design consultancy

and development with a broad range of product categories, from visual communication &  media design, product design to fashion & accessories.

Our mission is to design for you. Motivated by surrounding, creativity and flexibility is our method to get the project goals realized. We place great emphasis on market demands and integrate people's needs. We have superb and massive suppliers to support our design.

All about design


Visual Communication Design

Creating ravishing visuals for printing matter and digital media, such as typography,colour theory,graphic, animation, user interface and composition.


Product Design & Development

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Fashion Design & Accessories

Let our imagination soar high enough to create a story for you.